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Break-Up with Your Boring Workouts!


Meet Jane.

What used to make Jane hot and sweaty, is now monotonous and routine.

Gone are the days when Jane used to have amazing, exciting, mind-blowing...


Lately, Jane’s exercise life has become dull and boring.


The Dreaded Routine

Jane’s workouts weren't even trying anymore. They just wanted to do the same stodgy movements over and over again.

Because of "The Routine," Jane's exercise-drive shriveled up and wilted like a dorm-room plant.

Sound familiar?

It's ok to admit it ... we've all been there.


The Rescue

Luckily, Jane’s friend Dick, who recently left his stale workouts, was there to help.

Dick introduced Jane to myFitRx – "Rex" for short. Rex helped Dick climb out of his exercise rut and Dick was confident it was just what Jane needed.

As you can imagine, Jane was skeptical. But in the end, she decided to give Rex a chance.



Rex — Was — AMAZING!

Rex continually combined familiar movements in fresh and breathtaking ways.

Their exercise sessions were never the same and Jane couldn't get enough!

Best of all, Rex incorporated whatever equipment Jane had on hand with toe-curling skill.


Happily Ever After

Through Rex, Jane and Dick were able to Team Up. They challenged each other to awesome new workouts and motivated one another to keep up the great work!

After months with Rex, Dick and Jane love the results they've seen. Jane’s heart still flutters with anticipation thinking about their next workout. Dick and Jane’s exercise-drive is stronger than ever and they're loving every second of it!

Are you ready to kick your boring workouts to the curb like Dick and Jane?

Then what are you waiting for???

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P.S. The first 14 days are on Rex...so give it a try. If Rex can't get your exercise-mojo going, you can part ways as friends anytime...no hard feelings :)

  • Workouts


    Blend resistance training with continuous movement to melt fat and sculpt lean, sexy muscle!

  • Motivation


    Like too much of a good thing...you can't get enough of it!

    Set Goals, Track your Progress, and Love your Results!

  • Rewards


    Earn Points, Badges, and myFitRx Swag while sculpting your body and super-charging your Self-Image!